The business analysis

Data Group has a well-defined plan in place for creating mobile applications for our clients. The first step in this process is to do a business analysis.

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The business analysis

The importance of the business analysis stage in mobile app development

The success of the introduction of the mobile app depends on business analysis. The development team can thoroughly examine the needs of the market, the needs of the client, and the preferences of the end user thanks to this procedure. There is a considerably better probability of developing a successful product after all of the aforementioned factors are established. We conduct a business study at Data Group to:

Building a roadmap

A product roadmap is targeted at answering important questions regarding your future mobile app, such as: Why develop the app? Which issues will it resolve? Who is going to utilise the app? What fundamental components should it have? We sculpt the shared product vision among the developers, managers, stakeholders, users, and other parties in our roadmap. The roadmap also includes a strategic plan for achieving the goal, along with the time and effort required.

Determining an MVP

The creation of an MVP (minimum viable product) offers a fantastic opportunity to test your mobile app with early adopters, obtain insightful feedback, and improve the software quickly and affordably. A minimal viable product can help you get backing from investors and show you whether you're headed in the correct direction. After deciding on the MVP's main functionality and reviewing user feedback, we decide whether to include or exclude certain features in the app's subsequent iterations in order to properly meet user needs.

Creating user personas

Potential users of your product are portrayed in user personas. These are thorough descriptions of the consumers, which may contain data on their racial and ethnic backgrounds, occupations, interests and hobbies, purchasing patterns, and other things. You can determine the best strategy to assist app users if you have a thorough understanding of them. We develop user personas based on thorough research to specify the target market, pinpoint their problems, and rank the app's features.

Defining app performance metrics

We must make sure the software successfully carries out its primary functions in addition to identifying what those functions are. We develop the essential metrics to assess the application's performance for this reason. We select the metrics to be utilised to determine the advantages and disadvantages of your product based on the functioning of the app. These data could include things like throughput, CPU use, and average response time.

Mapping out a user journey

Finally, we develop a thorough user journey map to show how the intended audience will interact with the app. A user journey map illustrates how people engage with your product step-by-step. We can study customer behaviour and so improve the usability, functionality, security, and other aspects of the app by outlining user journeys. You can therefore raise your conversion and retention rates.

At Data Group, the business analysis stage—which includes numerous crucial project preparatory steps—is where the mobile app development process gets started. A product plan, an MVP template, user personas, app performance metrics, and a user path map are the outputs of this stage. The team is now prepared to concentrate on the UI/UX design of the upcoming application.